Sunday, September 7, 2008

Numero Uno

So I'm going to give this a second go and thought I'd ditch Xanga and try here for a bit.  I honestly can't assure you I will remain consistent in writing here but I'll do what I can.

So I'll play catch up for those interested.  For many when you last saw me I was finished up with my time at Rolla, MO and headed down to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL.  This was only a six week deal that all new commissioned LTs have to do.  I had been told it's not all bad depending on your outlook.  Well with all new things, I try to remain positive and actually had a good time while I was down there.  If you can imagine this, there was another guy in my flight who was pretty much like me in terms of sense of humor so we provided our flight with a good deal of random stuff that made light of the times that were not so fun.  The experience also taught me that Montgomery is not a very safe place to be in general.  The base was safe but the second you're off, you really think about running red lights just to keep moving.  Once you go down the interstate a few exits, you can find some good stuff to do though.  

So that brings us to the beginning of July where I was then headed up to where I am now.  My first assignment is here at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Now let me make a quick disclaimer:  I will never discuss my work.  This isn't a "I hate my job and everything about it so I never want to talk about it" kind of thing.  For reasons that you can just let be, it's just not a topic of discussion.  However, I can say I am enjoying my job as time goes and the people I work with remind of some Rolla folk so I am starting to let my personality show.  I am one of those extroverts with introverted tendencies when I am in a new social situation.  I like to get a feel for the people I'm with so I know if they can stand sarcasm or just really random humor that I generally bring to the table.  This doesn't mean I change who I am, I merely adjust parts of me so that way I am not an annoyance to those around me.  

So now in the present I am living in Riverside, OH.  It's just a ten minute drive to work so it's nice.  I doubt however, that I will live here the four years I am here.  That time might even be extended if I go to the Air Force Institute of Technology.  It would be ideal and then afterwards I would love to go to the Test Pilot School in California to get certified for flight test engineering.  But that's down the line and will leave it there for the time.  Dayton isn't too bad of a place but like Rolla, some people always have something to complain about.  It's in the midwest so I still feel at home.  The big thing here is Ohio State Football and I like to send subtle reminders of their loss to the Illini last year but wearing Illini gear when I can.  The Reds don't have a rivalry with the Cubs so I feel more free to be a fan of them here than I did when I was at Rolla.  Chicago isn't too far away either so hopefully next year I can finally see Wrigley Field.

The biggest thing right now that is getting to me is my lack of acquaintances.  I knew this full well coming to a place where I know no one.  One big priority I had was finding a church.  After two long months of searching, I think I am ready to go with one in Kettering.  It's a little 20 minute drive but the minister there is really good.  They also have a new thing they are doing that is to get new people or just people in the church in general to meet and connect.  They have a center of discussion to keep  things focused but setting up a good community is really the aim so naturally I sign up trying alleviate my current situation.  I have high hopes so we'll see where this road takes me.  

This has been a long winded post so I will leave you now.  I have been fortunate to find that Target was selling seasons 1 & 2 of Supernatural and so I will catch up after not being able to watch any of season 3.  Like I said, I will try to maintain this but I will not make any promises.

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